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The Berlin Calligraphy Collection
Archive of the Akademie der Künste
Pariser Platz 4
10117 Berlin

Please find us at the moment at: Luisenstraße 60, 10115 Berlin

Contact persons:
Susanne Nagel, Phone +49 30 20057-1607
Susanne Thier, Phone +49 30 20057-1609

Mail bibliothek@adk.de
Website www.berliner-sammlung-kalligraphie.de

The Collection is for reference only. All holdings are collated electronically in the easy.db database and can be researched in the Academy's reading rooms: https://archiv.adk.de; permalink Kalligraphie: https://archiv.adk.de/bigobjekt/36951

Users are asked to give notice (verbally or in writing) prior to visiting.

For information on locations and opening hours please visit the homepage of the Akademie der Künste.
You find literature about calligraphy at our OPAC.

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Illustrations of works (scans)
Bild1Druck GmbH, Berlin/Kerstin Brümmer, AdK
For photographs, see 'Exhibition' section
Kerstin Brümmer (apart from ›Workshop with Children‹: Susanne Nagel), AdK
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